Win Memory Booster

Win Memory Booster is the Best Memory Optimizer and RAM Booster software that will keep your PC running better, faster, and longer. If you want to optimize your PC performance or cleanse the fragmentation in your system with as little effort, Win Memory Booster is what you need.. This excellent memory optimization tool helps your PC run faster by boosting some key components of Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP. Win Memory Booster save you time and make your computer run as new. Win Memory Booster is designed to tackle difficult and crucial problems of memory management.

We guarantee increased speed of up to 90% (depending on performance of the PC)

Speed up your computor and stay away from poor performance by using Win Memory Booster. Some key features and functions of Win Memory Booster:
Increase Performance In Seconds
Win Memory Booster could increase RAM speed, Boost up memory with easy to use. This memory optimizer software helps to effectively speed up your computer performance by 90%.
Click and Auto Optimizer
Win Memory Booster optimizes the computer memory in one single mouse click. Only one click the "Optimize Memory Now" button in the software and the computer memory would be optimized!
Release Physical Memory
Win Memory Booster frees up the physical memory space and boost performance of the computer system.
View Current System Performance
Win Memory Booster displays current PC system performance. With Win Memory Booster you could view your computer speeds up from slow to fast easily. Memory Usage and CPU Usage are displayed in graphical format.
View Current System Process
As task manager of the system, Win Memory Booster displays multiple running programs in system. Display "Memory Usage" and "Process Path" of each running program within each “Process Name”.
Optimize Every Single Process
Win Memory Booster also enables you to optimize each single process. Open the System Process tab and right click the process and click the "Optimize Selected Process" button; this will optimize the selected process.
Setting Memory Optimizer
Win Memory Booster could be configured according to the requirements with this optimizer software allows to.
Optimization Statistics Report
Graphical statistics records the memory size at each minute, from which you can easily figure out the optimization effect.
Features and Functions

Provides a graphical view of PC used and available memory resources.

Increasing the amount of PC Memory available.

Recovers the most available memory from Windows and applications.

Reclaims Memory leaks by freeing-up memory from unstable programs.

Displays real-time graph of available physical and virtual Memory.

Run large applications at one time without slowing down your system!

Easy and powerful for both beginners and experts.


Wonderful program! Win Memory Booster™ has helped me fix speed problems and keep optimize. My computer is running faster than ever before! It's really a polished Memory Booster software! Highly recommended!:)